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Samuel just trying to 'splain to me how to play Pac Man. Dude, not only was I playing this game before you were born, I was playing this game before your mother was born.

Novichok - for a supposedly deadly agent at 'state enacted assassination' level of use, it's not very good, is it? They don't seem to have had a very successful hit rate with it, do they?

Waseley Hills Country Park car park is cash only; I assume that means payment is optional.

For those who do most of their social media on a handheld computer, Amaroq appears to be the main Mastodon app for handheld computers running iOS; Android apps presumably also available.

What I can't work out is how to see people I'm following from other instances, which presumably would appear on either the Home timeline or the Federated timeline. Could be a setting I need to set.

Quite literally shouting into an echo chamber at this point…

Having another attempt at seeing if I can motivate myself to use this

Justin's House has a story arc? Who knew? Will the current series end with a cliffhanger of the house facing compulsory purchase in order to make room for a new high speed railway line?

That moment when one realises the noise you make to represent a paparazzi photographer is as anachronistic as the save icon.

What could be better than the original version of 99 Luftballons? Why, Rammstein's version of it, of course!

Just watched on the you tube The Buggles' 'Video Killed The Radio Star'.

Of course we know no such thing happened at all - Video was merely visiting north London to take in the sights of Alexandra Palace and its world famous transmission mast - 65.5 metres high, you know.

Why does Donald Trump have a replica of the football world cup on the sideboard behind him?

We saw this mentioned on @BBCClick a few episodes ago. I think at £200, if you're not capable of drinking a whole bottle of wine within the three days that it'll go off, you probably don't like wine enough to pay £200 for a corkscrew.

When your museum is used as the location for a popular television show, but you don't tell your website hosting company to expect extra traffic off the back of it.

I'm in the Starbucks in Coventry station. They're playing jazz, perhaps to make diners forget they're in the Starbucks in Coventry station.

On right now an AI is producing an Adam Curtis documentary.

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